Just hiked 2 Days at Machu Picchu in my Monterey boots (bought on the Vineyard in September). Awesome!-LAURA S.

I am a devoted fan of your shoes, especially your "Grace" line. I own three pair and intend to order more. My feet are really in bad shape (bunions and hammer toes) and "Grace" is the only "dress shoe" that I can walk AND dance in.-MARCIA K.

“I had my girlfriend buy a pair of shoes for me at that store and they were the wrong size. I dreaded the thought of calling the store to exchange them. There are so many stores now days that make it difficult to exchange things. Debi was so kind and patient and made the experience so nice.”-JAN S., EXPERIENCE FROM NAPLES STORE

"I am a HUGE fan of Charleston Shoe Co. They are the only shoes I wear! I only have 3 espadrilles but looking to expand my collection by carrying them wholesale (to my husband's dismay... JK... He just can't believe I spend so much on shoes... And I say, "Excuse me, Mr. Cole Haan!!)!!! I love love love CSC!!!!!!!"-Amber S.

“It’s so fun going into the shops. You always have the nicest people working in your shop!”-CHRISTINE P.

“Hello, Just wanted you to know that I discovered your shoes this year and have very much enjoyed the stellar experience of working with Francesca DeBoer, the manager of your New Orleans store, when shopping. What a delight to have her assist me aside from all the time I spent on your website perusing your lovely shoes! I have some unique issues I must now deal and it’s been a challenge for me to shop for shoes this past year. Francesca recommended shoe styles that she thought might work well for me. Her knowledge of your shoes is just incredible and I now have six pairs!You can tell when someone really and truly loves what they do and that comes across abundantly clear with Francesca. She loves the shoes that she markets, she loves the company she works for, and she loves helping people find just the right thing that they need (or perhaps shoes they didn’t know that they needed until she helps one consider options). Her sincere enthusiasm and personal charisma radiate. Aside from that, I have found her to be very effective from making herself available to consult on shoes and returning calls to texting images, shipping, and making sure the billing is just right. She is an absolute joy to shop with and she does an amazing job. I’m sure you recognize Francesca’s dedication to your company and all she offer to your customers but I wanted to recognize her for making my experience with Charleston Shoe Co. an absolutely great one.Would you kindly makes sure my message reaches the right person(s)? Thank you! ”– DIANE C.