Richard Branson - Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

Richard Branson - Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

Richard Branson (virgin) will bring a new life to any business.
Great motivational speaker and great business and lifestyle quotes to remember.

"Start small but think big."
We all start from the bottom. However thinking big is not just about making one million in sales (whether £, € or $), it is also about setting up the right process and tools to accommodate future growth.

"Always look for opportunities."
Richard Branson also says that opportunities are like buses, there is always another one coming. He is right.
However choose wisely as your time is a limited resource. Ask the right questions, evaluate your partners and only pick those which have mileage for you long term.

"Do what you love."
Nothing can replace a high level of passion and love to set up and manage a new task and project.

May this Summer open many doors, food for thoughts and the master plan to reach your dream goal for 2018.

We have a lot on our plate for September 2018 as we will be exhibiting at various French Trade Shows and getting closer to you....
Bordeaux, Martigues, Paris, Toulouse ...

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